Happiness Class: Made by Nature!

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Product Description by Rawganique:

Note on Londonderry Organic Linen Knit Hand - Kitchen Towels: we specialize in unbleached & undyed organic flax linen yarns, which are extremely rare nowadays as all things linen, if you can find the genuine article at all, are heavily bleached and dyed. As such, we have NO CONTROL over the color of the organic linen towels. If the harvest season is rainy, the resulting yarn is more grey. If the harvest season is sunny and dry, the color is more beige. Color variations are not a defect! If anything, color variations are a much sought after feature of our hand-crafted natural organic products. Natural color and natural dyes may not be right for you if you are OCD about shades; we present natural fibers as Mother Nature made them and we love them exactly as they are. We will do what we can but we may not be able to match colors for you if you're ordering towel sets. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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