Happiness Class: How-To Happiness by Dr Debasish Mridha

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- cultivate beautiful thoughts always (think your best thoughts every moment, every day, you will be the best person on the way)

-happiness is the appreciation of what you have

-never pursue happiness, just create the happiness inside you

-happiness is the expression of internal attitudes

-the ultimate purpose of our life is to be happy (we are born for happiness; we are going toward happiness. we like to live in happiness, and we like to vanish from this universe into eternal happiness)

-when you serve humanity and contribute to society without expectation, you will be happy

-happiness absolutely depends on how you think

-no matter where we are coming from, where we live, or whatever we do, we all have the same purpose in life; that is to be happy

-when you are non-judgmental you are happy. happiness depends on you: on your thoughts, on your attitude, on your ideas, on your vision and on nothing else

-happiness is there when you are morally clear to yourself

-to fulfill our lives and be happy, we have to enjoy the little things (we must see the beauty around us now instead of waiting for big things to enjoy. otherwise happiness will just pass us by while we wait for something else to come along)

-happiness resides in your mind (never infect your mind with negative thoughts or happiness will fly away)

-make inner peace your final destination. make happiness your life's purpose

-whenever you smile, whenever you care, whenever you love, whenever you share, your spirit will dance with joy because happiness will be there

-a little sadness shows the way to happiness. a little kindness can heal the sadness

-everything you do, do for happiness. you will find that you are a great success

-don't wait! be happy every moment because every moment is precious and magical

-what other think does not matter. what you think about yourself is what matters

-if you have to think, think of beauty and happiness

-the garden of happiness has no room to grow a weed like resentment

-find a place to think and a person to love and you will be happy

-the only way to find happiness is to make someone else happy

-three things will make you happy: always have happy thoughts, be honest with yourself, and express unconditional love for everything

-happiness is there where wants and needs are small but the desire to give is big

-it is what you think, not what you achieve, that makes you happy

-your life has many purposes, many goals, but the ultimate

-you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. so like yourself. love yourself. do only those things which make you proud of yourself. DO ONLY THOSE THINGS WHICH MAKE HUMANITY PROUD OF YOU.

-kindness is like sunshine; it can warm up and enlighten every heart.

-be a human angel! with love, generosity and kindness, let us lighten the burden of suffering from our fellow man.

-we often concentrate on the negative side of humanity, but humanity is growing, maturing every day, and singing a song of a better future

-life is a gift, so enjoy the delight of opening the gift every day!

-a simple dream, a simple thought, can generate actions to shake the world

-life is a journey; love is the way; happiness is the goal

-your life has many purposes, many goals, but the ultimate purpose of life is to be happy

Dr Debasish Mridha is an American physician, philosopher, poet seer and author. He is a seeker of the deepest truth that affects human destiny. His empowering, insightful, thought-provoking, and life changing words have been changing human conscience every day. (My happiness comes from the many donations of my time and talents to benefit the current and future generations)



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