Happiness Class: GrassFed Meats by Northstar Bison

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

"Grassfed meats are different! The grass/forage diet supports a condition in the meat that greatly reduces the risk of the bacterial growth of salmonella or e-coli. 

Northstar Bison is different! We are not a huge processing factory. We are a small meat processor who goes to great measures to ensure the cleanliness, safety, and quality of our products. 

As an American Icon, the bison embody the timeless forces of strength, resilience and freedom. For us, they're also a symbol of American ingenuity. Bison are a biological freak-of-nature; the lifebreath of fading grassland ecosystems while continuing to sustain life beyond themselves as they have done for thousands of years. As we stand tall to continue restoring this historic animal to its native grasslands, we utilize literally every aspect from hide to heart, honoring each animal to its fullest contribution while nourishing humans to the fullest extent. Our ultra-respectful Field Harvest begins our unique process of transformation from the field to your table." -Northstar Bison 

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