Happiness Class: Dancing Goat Olive Oil

Happiness Class: Dancing Goat Olive Oil

"Dancing Goat Olive Oil is single-variety, premium extra virgin, pressed from the olives growing on our family’s ancient grove and cultivated from 500 trees that are between 200 and 500 years old.

Made with only the distinct oil variety growing on our estate, Koroneiki olives, our olive oil is unmixed with that of other groves or other varieties of olive; extremely rare in the olive oil industry. The precious Koroneiki olive variety is known for having maximum healing properties as compared to other olive types, with the highest levels of anti-inflammatory components and powerful antioxidants.

Each precious bottle of Dancing Goat Olive Oil is produced from hand-picked and hand-sorted olives, harvested slightly before maturity and cold pressed in the traditional method within 24 hours of picking—the same way it’s been done for hundreds of years. By using cooler temperatures during the harvesting and processing of the olives, our olive oil has some of the lowest observed acidity levels (between 0.2% and 0.4%), qualifying as extra- extra virgin (or premium olive oil). Other extra virgin olive oils can have up to 0.8% acidity.

By harvesting the olives within 24 hours and utilizing the cold press method, we are able to maintain the highest levels of healthy compounds and all of the health benefits in our olive oil. The proof lies in the bottle; a deep, rich, emerald green olive oil with high density and the peppery, fruity aromas of fresh, unripe olives. These spicy sweet flavors weave themselves throughout our oil, heightening its velvety texture and contributing to its distinctive, vivid flavor profile. The sales of this precious oil are directly benefiting Greek farmers too. It has a very high smoke point before its therapeutic properties would break down > 475 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Please don't store next to a heat source > Cool, dark place recommended." -dancingfoods.com

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