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Beloved Bed-Stu Organics

We use some of the finest leathers in the world implementing a traditional tanning/dying process; utilizing natural dyes and vegetable oils. This process brings out the true grain of the leather causing each piece to look slightly different giving our product true character. While we appreciate the uniqueness and beauty we have perfected, our environmentally friendly dyes have been known to bleed onto surfaces and fabrics. Use proper care and enjoy!

Our philosophy is simple, we design sustainable products.

Each product is made by hand with vegetable tanned leathers, water-based glues and plant-based dyes. It’s better for us, our workers, and our planet.

We use vegetable tanned leathers prepared using tannins from tree bark, leaves, and plants.

This results in formaldehyde free and chrome free shoes and accessories.

Our glues are water-based and solvent-free.

These glues are used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

Because our products are hand-dyed and finished, it is important that we use the safest ingredients possible.

Our dyes are pigment-free and plant-based, creating a safer environment for our workers.

We use natural bark from the cork tree mixed with recycled leather shavings to fill the midsole.

With wear, this mixture will cause the shoe to form to your foot and create your own customized footbed.

Our wooden heels and wedges use only sustainably sourced Chilean pine.

We work with vendors that are committed to planting 10 trees for every one they cut down, in an active effort to combat deforestation.


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