Glass Bottle Dental Floss!!! Another Happy Week No 135

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So grateful to have found a glass bottle dental floss with organic silk AND organic tea tree oil! Most of my searching would only have one of the three or two of the three but finally found three of the three!!!! #soexcited!!! #thankyousomuch @luckyteeth

Life has transformed since switching to this tiny glass container! Behzad and I have not thrown away anything except the daily organic silk! This tiny act reaps GIGANTIC happiness! Knowing that I am continuing to be impeccably healthy with everything that touches my body and our environment, I DEEPLY KNOW I have done everything possible to honor myself & others! The kind of joy that comes from these acts is indescribable but is why I'm "selling" MY HAPPY LIFE! I didn't ever experience these feelings living the other way: the "normal" way:) #sograteful 

So grateful for Another Gigantic Happy Week in a Teeny Tiny Glass Bottle! #loveyou

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