Four Dog Delight! Another Happy Week No 26

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I remember reading about feeding dogs raw green tripe for exceptional health (& I learned happiness!) and a perfect Calcium Phosphorus Ratio!!!

I felt determined to try it!

Well! Not so easy! Like all the other seemingly disappearing Real Food, this seemed even more daunting! It has to pass all the “tests” (grass-fed impeccable animals and healthy soil). As I became discouraged, I contacted the most reliable heaven-sent ANGEL Mary Graese at Northstar Bison and she knew exactly how to help (as always!!!!).

One mistake I made! "It can also be served in nice, large rubbery chunks which will provide your dog with good exercise and better dental health." (Dogs Naturally Magazine). Next time I will not cut it up in small pieces for the dogs! Yahoo!!!

Happiest HAPPY seeing four-dog happiness! Another Happy Week!!!! iL❤️VE @northstarbison #thankyou

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