Food: What I Do

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1. Food = plants and animals made by the healthiest nature I can find. That’s it! Once I removed industrialized foods from the food category my life changed forever! Hello! Happiness. I didn’t realize how much stress and anxiety I had around food until I retrained my brain to its birthright of eating natural food. 2. Finding natural food can be challenging! I get all my food from WWW.EATWILD.COM or The Weston Price Foundation Shopping Guide. Even then I speak directly to the farmers and ask many, many questions. 3. Always eat and cook plants and animals with a generous amount of the healthiest, natural fat I can find. 4. Consider the diets of the animals; consider the soil of the plants; consider the soil of the plants for the diets of the animals. 5. Came to believe and know: I-will-always-be-hungry-if-I-don’t-eat-the-necessary-nutrients. 6. Intermittent Fasting (IM): the natural fats keep me full, satiated, and nourished for many, many hours (I frequently eat one meal a day). 7. Transdermal consideration (I consider the “nutrition” of everything I put on my skin). 8. Chew until food is liquid for the absorption of nutrients. 9. Low-temperature cooking in natural, unglazed cookware to retain nutrients. 10. Whole-food supplements (cod liver oil, skate liver oil, alma tablets, turmeric, emu oil, Azomite powder).

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