The smallest shift in thinking transformed life forever: food is only natural food. By removing processed food as an edible option, I removed all the accompanying fear, confusion, guilt, shame, obsession and stress. After this metamorphosis, I discovered the bliss of providing my body with what it craves: impeccable ingredients from impeccably healthy plants and animals from impeccably healthy soil. It is so easy it is difficult! I lived overwhelmed with all of the “choices” visually permeating the United States. I struggled endlessly every day with trying to “make the right choices.” What I didn’t realize was by including all of the “food” offered in the United States, I was damaging my physical senses and my emotional psyche with addictive chemicals. I lived in constant confusion and obsession about what to eat. I lived in constant shame and guilt if I indulged in something I knew was “bad.” I lived in constant emotional madness of “abstaining” then “giving in” then “remorse.” I knew on a deep level that it had to be simple. I longed for peace, equanimity and satiation. By realizing that the purpose of food is to feed our body the nutrients it requires and without those nutrients it will continue to crave and be hungry, I empowered myself with and reignited the health and happiness that are birthrights. Now I live knowing I do my absolute best to provide my body with the most impeccable ingredients possible, and that effort has proven to provide ultimate freedom from any and all outcomes! I have incredible equanimity knowing if anything happens to me, I did everything possible to provide myself with the nutrition humans require. Every day I look back and think “I ate my best,” and it creates ultimate equanimity, harmony, and joy.


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