Finding Foraged Fiddleheads! Another Happy Week No 52

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Despite shopping local co-ops since age 13, before discovering Real Food, I would never have purchased and eaten fiddleheads! What a discovery!!! 

#thankyousomuch @rivermarket for offering Foraged Fiddleheads and wild ramps! I always love "foraging" for foods in the local co-op. Now that I only eat Real Food, my diet changes as the local harvest changes! And WOW(!) is my diet delicious! 

Extreme happiness happened while creating and eating a Foraged-Fiddlehead-and-Wild-Ramp Fry! I used generous amounts of homemade rendered beef fat, coconut oil, fiddleheads, scissored green parts of the wild ramps and finishing salt! Hello! Happiness

Also so grateful for reading two gifts from authors @caroleradziwill and @mariashriver (the Kennedy readings continue!!!). I highly recommend the audiobook and a great gift book (for self and others!). 

More Wild Diet Food & Reading for Another Happy Week!

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