Finding Filters! Another Happy Week No 60

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So excited to find a path for filtering water! I've been searching for direction for so many years! This week I FINALLY found a resource that provided certifications and filed reports about the water filters! #thankyousomuch @NSF

I spoke to Hudson Water Department to find out how the water is treated so that I knew what to filter (Hudson = chlorine, flouride and sodium permanganate). Then I spoke to Mindy at NSF, and she explained how to find the products I needed (this one for flouride and this one for shower filters)! I ordered this drinking water filter and this shower filter. So grateful!

I found out that flouride must be removed through reverse osmosis [RO]. I have found it impossible to drink RO water because of the taste (or deadness); I ordered a RO system that remineralizes the water hoping this dead "taste" will be avoided! #keepingfingerscrossed! 

With the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's, I have to be vigilant about avoiding flouride! I'm so excited to have found the path towards (almost!) flouride-free drinking water! #hallelujah!

I'm still listening! (and still LOVING!!) #thankyousomuch @hillaryrodhamclinton

I've been loving DEAR MARTIN ! #thankyousomuch @nicstone

Another Happiness Happening Week!!! #thankyousomuch #sograteful!


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