Fermenting Fun! Another Happy Week No 109

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So much fun fermenting spring asparagus! Delicious, nutritious and preserving the taste of spring! #thankyousomuch @millersorganicfarm

I remember reading that adding grape leaves to fermentations will keep vegetables crunchy. I also remember searching endlessly (and without success!) online trying to find grape leaves for sale. I finally asked a neighbor if she had any ideas, and she showed me the leaves in my own front yard!!!! #hallelujahHappiness!

Super grateful for the family-owned company, Stone Creek Trading, who found and imports my most beautiful fermenting vessels from Germany! #thankyousomuch @stonecreektrading 

Loving the start of a new book! #yayyy

So grateful for Another Happy (fermenting-fun) Week!!! #thankyou!

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