Explorer Happiness! Another Happy Week No. 29

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Even though I'm sure I knew this about myself, I learned that I am an EXPLORER from reading this memorable book by Dan Millman!

Not only do I explore places through travel (49 US states, Canada, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, South Korea, Japan, France, Spain), I explore through reading, learning, imagining, doing!

After discovering SO MUCH happiness at home, it can be difficult to leave! I have to be really inspired and devoted to the purpose of the travel (BUEN CAMINO book!)! This past week, I traveled to Florida for business coaching! Travel is tricky now that I know so many things about nutrition and well-being! I am always surprised by how difficult it is to find something so basic like mineral water from a glass bottle! iWONDER why it is okay in our country to only offer a basic need like water served in plastic when that has been proven to cause harm? And then iWONDER even more why people are not upset by this?!

I just perused the latest Dogs Naturally Magazine and there is an article about keeping plastic away from food for dogs. The article recommends not having any plastic touch the food (even just holding the food without heating it!). This tells me that plastic can cause harm to us and to other species!

I always try to avoid plastic of any kind but here in the US I have had to accept that almost all butcher shops (in my area) insist on plastic holders for meat! (THANK YOU Northstar Bison for wrapping my meat in paper!!!)

Finding REAL FOOD?! Whole other problem!!! #ToBeContinued 

Overcoming Obstacles is still Another Happy (& warm!) Week!!!

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