Eureka! Plastic-free Pens and Natural Paint! Another Happy Week No 100

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Since finding out about the plastic island last year and how the whales have to change their natural migratory routes because of it, I have not been able to purchase plastic! I may have accidently purchased something that had a plastic component but I have spent many weeks trying to solve living situations with non-plastic options!

One major obstacle has been pens! A few years ago I spent several months searching for natural ink; I discovered India ink and have been using it ever since that time. Recently I realized the natural ink is housed in plastic pen cartridges! So I returned to searching, searching, searching! and then, Eureka! This week I found this blog which led to this online store which led to these totally metal pens (including metal ink refills!!!) #MIRACLE! #EUREKA!!! #SOGRATEFUL! 

I've also been wondering for so long how to create toxin-free art! Eureka again! I found this website selling this "Natural Earth Paint"! What a discovery! #MIRACLE #EUREKA #SOGRATEFUL

Happy 100 Another Happy Week(s)!!!

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