Eating Real Food

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I grew up in the U.S. learning about food and “cooking” from the television. This is what I ate and prepared:

-a lot of boxed cereal with skim milk 

-a lot of raw fruit and vegetables dipped in low-fat salad dressing purchased from the store

-some yogurt, french bread, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, bites of cheese, little bites of peanut butter (store-bought)

-sometimes store-bought rotisserie chicken still hot, “homemade” soup from the co-op (heat in the microwave)

-sometimes pasta with lean ground beef mixed with cheese

-sometimes brown rice with microwave-steamed frozen vegetables sprinkled with canned parmesan cheese

-phases of low-fat tortilla chips topped with low-fat/fat-free cheese (microwave-melted) and low-fat salsa from a jar

-phases of energy bars with “healthy” ingredients (peanuts, peanut butter, cereal, raisins, honey, pumpkin seeds)

-phases of low-fat “healthy” crackers

cheating: cake, chips, soda, fat-free candy, low-fat candy, candy, restaurant appetizers, movie theater popcorn with movie theater butter-flavored topping 

This was the majority of my life. The whole time I was eating like this and having no idea how to cook, I was always wondering about, thinking about, pretty much obsessed about food and cooking. I even purchased (but didn’t ever use) many expensive stand mixers, blenders, pans, tools and even watched cooking shows!

I felt lost and confused.

Now, the more I do to stay alive (eat only real food, wear only toxin-free clothes and shoes, sleep 8-10 hours in a completely dark and electronics-free bedroom and toxin-free bed) the more joy I feel.

It is also true for me that in all my studying and searching, something just clicked for me. Food products being sold, marketed, and displayed in grocery stores do not meet my qualifications for being considered food. 

People from other countries can easily recognize this: “US grocery stores have no food!” But for me who learned from television that breakfast is boxed cereal with skim milk and that food is sold in grocery stores, it took a MIRACLE to realize it!

“Eat real food whose flavor tells the gripping story of its nutrition...In nature, flavor never appears without nutrition. No morsel of food should pass your lips before you have asked the following question: where did the flavor come from? If it came from the plant or animal you’re eating, keep eating. If it was applied by a human with a PhD in chemistry, put it down.” - Mark Schatzker

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