Delectable Deliciousness! Another Happy Week No 28

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Even after weeks and weeks of braised, warm local greens, this dish is and remains to be the most delectable deliciousness! So happy! #solucky!

As the weather is getting colder (brrrrrr!) I've ordered two additions for Winter2018! Sage natural dye to hopefully look so cute with my winter wellies. #investment! #TheseWelliesHaveLastedForManyWintersNow! #TenItemWardrobe!

I also invested in this heirloom beauty (natural materials/natural dyes)(this is mine below)

to layer with this and this to ultimately save energy/money! Not to mention the BEST AND HAPPIEST MOST RESTFUL AND REJUVENATING SLEEP I'VE EVER GOTTEN UNDER SUCH BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL MATERIALS, SOFTNESS, WARMTH, WEIGHT, AND AROMA!!!! #ReduceHeatingBill! #HeirloomQualitySavesMoney!!! #plantdyes #naturalmaterials #inhabitNature #usefulandbeautifulbelongings #biodegradableANDbeautiful #HappiestHAPPINESS!

I've also been realizing how SUCCESSFUL the transdermal magnesium spray on the feet before bedtime has been working! I have not had a leg cramp since I started spraying on the bottom of my feet!!! It has been well over a month now! Thank you Dr. Axe!!!

Oh Happy Another Happy Week!

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