Deciding to Wear Flip-Flops to Hike the Camino

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Even though it may appear as though wearing flip-flops on the Camino is reckless, it was actually a thoughtfully considered decision. They are perfect in the rain because I did not have to worry about them getting wet. They are so light and easy, and they combat high heat discomfort. They look cute with outfits, and they are my most beloved shoes for walking. I have worn flip-flops exclusively during the past 3 or 4 summers after reading about the health benefits of being barefoot or wearing shoes with little or no soles. I tried it and loved it! I also read that the soles of feet absorb the most chemicals/toxins of any part of our body, so that lead me to wear natural rubber flip-flops. The natural rubber flip-flops are surprisingly durable, mold to my feet and are extremely comfortable. It was a dream come true walking the Camino in flip-flops! So grateful! MIRACLE!!!

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