Custard and Cleaning Supplies! Another Happy Week No 64

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I made custard for Behzad!!! So easy using this recipe! #thankyousomuch @freshandnatural for the soy-free eggs, whole milk, maple syrup and nutmeg! 

The annual cleaning-supply restock continues! This week I made (hopefully!) a year's supply of the beloved remineralizing and whitening tooth powder. iLOVE this recipe!!! I tried other recipes in the past and quickly fell inLOVE with the soft texture and the workability of the charcoal. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! #thankyousomuch @thefamilythathealstogether

Since the audiobook I'm listening to is quite long I decided to watch the dvd version of Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. I liked seeing the history and hearing her story. I'm interested in finding out more about her life (and death).

So grateful for state parks! Having so much fun hiking through forest-bathing woods, under sky-blue summer skies, and among fragrant-flavored flowers! #thankyousomuch @willowriverstatepark AND #thankyousomuch for the best natural rubber flip-flops ever! Olli flip-flops for ALL(my) walking!

AND ALWAYS ANOTHER Another Happy Week!!!

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