Crystal Cheat Sheet

Crystal Cheat Sheet

Carnelian: creativity, confidence, motivation

Rhodochrosite: self-worth, love, joy

Rhodonite: love, power, generosity

Rose Quartz: love, beauty, happiness

Garnet: health, passion, energy flow

Red Jasper: stability, grounding, healing

Picture Jasper: nurturing, stability, earth

Agate: strength, healing, inner power

Rutilated Quartz: guidance, angels, healing

Pyrite: abundance, luck, reflects negativity

Citrine: Happiness, Light, Success

Mookaite: adventure, willpower, true potential

Tree agate: abundance, centering, peace

Jade: wealth, wisdom, prosperity

Malachite: love, transformation, balance

Aventurine: luck, optimism, wealth

Green calcite: prosperity, balance, clearing

Chrysoprase: love, compassion, kindness

Aquamarine: tranquility, peace, release

Bloodstone: courage, self-esteem, energy

Chrysocolla: new beginnings, power, soothing

Kambaba Jasper: Inspiration, overcoming fears

Ocean Jasper: Happiness, Uplifting, Joy

Rhyolite: creativity, change, positivity

Celestite: uplifting, calming, releases stress

Blue Lace Agate: calming, peace of mind, relaxation

Sodalite: harmony, communication, healing

Dumortierite: patience, guidance, insight

Lapis Lazuli: enlightenment, awareness, wisdom

Apatite: creativity, inspiration, ambition

Tiger's Eye: wealth, optimism, success

Smoky Quartz: grounding, transmutation, releases fear

Leopard Skin Jasper: self-healing, grounding, stability

Amethyst: spirituality, intuition, peace

Botswana Agate: peace, serenity, healing

Fluorite: clarity, cleansing, rejuvenation

Black Tourmaline: cleansing, protection, absorbs negativity

Shungite: detoxifying, purifying, protection

Onyx: protection, blocks negativity

Labradorite: higher consciousness, intuition

Hematite: grounding, balance, earthing

Bronzite: protection, stabilizing, self-esteem

Clear Quartz: clarity, manifestation, focus

Selenite: cleansing, healing, protection

Moonstone: harmonizing, protection, fertility

Dalmation Jasper: happiness, playfulness, positivity

Tourmalinated Quartz: luck, wealth, balance

Abalone: calming, soothing, healing


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