Immune-Boosting Cod Liver Oil

Immune-Boosting Cod Liver Oil

Boosting immunity is easy with raw, unprocessed cod liver oil. Vitamin A in retinol form is involved in immune function, vision, reproduction and cellular communication. Vitamin D may boost moods and help the body absorb calcium to support bone health. Omega fatty acids reduce inflammation and preserve brain health.

This is the real deal! Raw, unprocessed, wild-caught and very fishy!!! Cod liver oil has a long history of being taken for human health but has also been debated about its rancidity rate when bottled & stored. I prefer real food over supplements, so I use this oil as a way to meet my nutrient requirements especially during the winter months and busy work schedules not allowing natural vitamin D absorption from the sun!

I remember reading that taking this with emu oil can help its nutritional benefits and make it taste less fishy:) I include both in my daily nutrition routine: 1 teaspon emu oil + 1 teaspoon cod liver oil = Hello! Health & Happiness

Love you, Laura

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