Clean Clothing

Clean Clothing

WE LOVE IOAN CLEAN CLOTHES PROJECT!!!! #thankyousomuch #sograteful

From the company: The IOAN (Industry of All Nations) Clean Clothes Project is the evolution of apparel production being developed in Tamil Nadu, India, dedicated to the manufacturing of garments in a sustainable way.

No pesticides, petrochemical dyes or harmful washes are used to create IOAN cotton products.

We make our fabrics from 100% organic Indian cotton, 100% natural dyes, water, biodegradable soap and vinegar: resulting in an ultra comfortable natural basic.

Wearing colors should not come at the cost of tainting our natural resources.

By issuing constraints on dyeing and washing processes not only can we assure Clean Clothes against our skin, but cleaner rivers, oceans, soil and air for everybody.

This garment has been 100% naturally dyed with plant pigments, shellac resin from the lac bug or iron salt, and/or printed by hand. Color variations are to be expected and are not a defect. 

Naturally fermented indigo, the source of all IOAN shades of blue.

Each garment dipped one by one, made in India using only indigenous ingredients, techniques, and materials. Specialized in the art of natural indigo, IOAN dyemasters cultivate regenerative vats. The indigo dye solution, made from leaves of the Indigofera Tinctoria plant, is maintained in fermentation and can extend its life to decades, keeping the natural indigo richness intact, eliminating waste water and synthetic mordants during the dyeing process.

Indigo vats set below ground to maintain natural constant temperature. IOAN employs hundreds of them throughout Southern India.


From the makers: Biological cotton is grown, picked, and converted into fabric without using any chemical or toxic products, but just using natural and low environmental impact products, preserving fertility of soils and pureness of waters. A biological fabric intrinsically transmits an information of LOVE and RESPECT for farmers and consumers. Bio cotton is healthy for those who wear it and fair for those who grow it.

Take care of your Love Nature garment: Each collection garment is the upshot of a careful quest for excellence as regards the quality of the prized biological and natural yarns. The absence of any chemical treatment makes the fabrics particularly delicate. Please handle with extreme care. Wash together with similar colors and restore shape while still damp and iron in shape. To maintain the color unchanged, wash using neutral detergents free of optical bleaches.

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