Clean Cleaning


lemon cleaner spray (lemon-infused organic vinegar + 20 drops lemon + 20 drops orange essential oils)

liquid soap nuts for laundry, hand soap, dog shampoo (40 soapnuts boiled then simmered 1 hour in 4 cups water + 20 drops lavender oil)

pine toilet cleaner (rosemary & pine needle-infused organic vinegar + pine and rosemary essential oils)

flea and floor powder (food grade diatomaceous earth + dry neem + dry yarrow)



Angel spray (frankincense + myrrh + sandalwood)

carpet freshener (1 cup baking soda + 10-15 drops lavender)

vacuum freshener (add essential oil to vacuum filter or to paper towel pieces and vacuum pieces)

kitchen degreaser (vinegar + baking soda + orange oil + hot water)

goo remover (baking soda + coconut oil + lemon oil = paste and let sit on stickiness)

laundry brightener (squeeze lemon juice into laundry and lemon essential oil)

drawer and slumber satchets (dried lavender buds + lavender oil in small organic bags + rosemary for clothes)

wood and leather cleaner (olive oil + lemon cleaner and wipe clean)

pot and pan scrubber (baking soda in pan then add lemon cleaner to let sit)

potpourri: dried flowers (dehydrater or 150 degree oven + rosemary + lavender oils + flowers)

scented light bulb (drop lavender/peppermint/frankincense/lemon/orange onto lightbulb and turn on)

toilet paper roll freshener (add a few drops of essential oils to the cardboard center)

burn relief (lavender oil)

stubborn stains toilet (borax + pine toilet cleaner + pine + eucalyptus; pour and let sit overnight)

jewelry cleaner (hot water + baking soda + lemon oil; add jewelry; sit several minutes; scrub; rinse; dry)

stovetop cleaner paste (baking soda + lemon cleaner = paste; let sit; rub off)

vinyl floors (hot water + lemon cleaner + borax + peppermint oil; mop)

bee stings (lavender oil directly on sting)

splinter remover (clove oil on splinter and wait several minutes; repeat until begins to dislodge; remove)

toothache (clove oil to tooth and gum)

hand sanitizer (few lemon oil drops on hands; rub hands together)

drawer freshener (organic cotton balls + lavender)

travel bed bug spray (cedarwood oil + distilled water and spray)

bug spray (distilled water + witch hazel + tea tree + lavender + rosemary oils)

dog accident (soak up then add lemon cleaner + baking soda to bubble; blot clean and vacuum)

lemongrass linen spray (lemongrass oil + distilled water)

dust mite bed cleaner (baking soda + lavender + tea tree oils; sprinkle on mattress/pillows; let sit hours; vacuum)

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