Chops & Ribs & Steaks, Oh My! Another Happy Week No 43

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I have eaten my way down to the last lamb in the freezer! I am going through the meat faster than usual due to eliminating eggs and dairy because of my autoimmune disease. 

I've been in heaven: lamb ribs, lamb chops, lamb steaks, leg of lamb. So delicious! #thankyousomuch @valleygraze

I also have been inLOVE and inHEAVEN using this and this for finishing salts. O.H. M.Y. G.O.S.H. ! ! ! Before learning about cooking and then nutrition, I wouldn't have EVER considered salt a legitimate ingredient/food. I only remember avoiding it because of all the health warnings.

Now, I hunt for the purest, most impeccably hand-harvested, sun & wind dried salt available. I learned so much while hunting too! Now I know the valuable minerals and trace elements found in the finest sea salt! #thankyou @westonprice annual conference in Minneapolis for the introduction to Baja Gold!!!

I've also eaten A L L of the salmon jerky I made!!! Usually the wild salmon I purchase lasts the whole year. This year because I used all of the fish for salmon jerky (and it was SO DELICIOUS!!!) the year supply only lasted two months!

(ALL the food brings ALL the happiness) Another Happy Week!!!

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