Camino Nutrition Planning

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

During the months of preparation, I revisited many nutrition books to remind myself of foods that I could find while hiking that would meet my nutritional requirements. It was great fun because I had forgotten some of the information. For instance, chorizo meets several vitamin and 4 mineral requirements. I knew that if I could find chorizo made from animals with natural diets I would be able to eat it without compromising my meticulous dietary habits. I also found out that paprika meets all mineral and almost all vitamin requirements. Spain produces world-renowned paprika!

Chorizo was looking like the ideal food because it is made with pork fat and paprika, it is fermented, and I could carry it without refrigeration. Aged cheeses would also be portable but had to be unpasteurized and from grass-fed animals to be the most nutritionally beneficial. I started researching sources for food. I started with the Weston Price Foundation Spain chapters but had no luck. I then searched endlessly online for chorizo, cheese, and olive oil sources. With months of research and the beautiful foods of Spain, I was able to remain in ketosis while meeting all of my nutritional needs. MIRACLE!

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