Camino Nutrient-Dense Food

Camino Nutrient-Dense Food


by Mathieu Lalonde, PhD, Harvard University
Nutrient Density Score Ranking
1. Organ meats and oils
2. Herbs and spices
3. Nuts and seeds
4. Cacao
5. Fish and seafood
6. Pork
7. Beef
8. Eggs and dairy
9. Vegetables (raw and unprepared)
10. Lamb, veal, and wild game
11. Poultry
12. Legumes (raw or cooked edible)
13. Processed meat
14. Vegetables (cooked, blanched, canned, pickled)
15. Plant fats and oils
16. Fruit
17. Animal skin and feet
18. Grains and pseudocereals (cooked)
19. Refined and processed fats and oils
20. Animal fats and oils
21. Grains (canned)
22. Processed fruit
- Jimmy Moore & Maria Emmerich

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