Camino Food Gems

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France Échiré (famous butter 83.5% fat)

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Gåteau Basque sheep cheeses & local ham & fish

Pyrenean foothills Queso de Roncal (unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese)

Pyrenees meat cooked a la llosa civet stew with wild boar or goat

Northern provinces game is abundant

Navarra & Rioja veal from Navarra = well-known; chorizo from

Pamplona = very good (these areas eat a lot of meat)

La Rioja area chorizo sausage cordero lechal (thick slices young lamb roasted over fire with grapevine in fire for smoky flavor)

Salamanca, Granada & Burgos chorizo & Morcilla sausage

Castile cordero (lamb) cochinillo (suckling pig)(both meats roasted in wood or clay ovens)

Melide pulpo (boiled octopus)

Arzúa known for its delicious creamy cheese

Galicia famous for oysters, lobsters and crabs

Santiago barnacles

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