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I have an impeccable diet at home, and I knew this would be one of my biggest challenges while walking the Camino. At home, it has taken me a few years to find the best sources of food the U.S.A. has to offer. I knew that while walking, it would be impossible to locate farmers and talk to them about their animals, the diets of their animals and their soil conditions. I had heard that in all of Europe it is much easier to find foods grown, raised and prepared using traditional methods. I also assumed that the use of chemicals to grow animals, fields, and other foods would not exist as much as in the United States.
My first ideas of “safe” foods to eat were olive oil and seafood. I remembered reading in a book about nutrition that the island of Crete has some of the most healthy humans, and the author wrote that many of the farmers would drink olive oil for breakfast. I had never thought of this idea before, and it really made an impact on me. Because the majority of my calories come from fat, I knew that I would be okay because I would be traveling to some of the most famous olive oil territories in the world!

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  • Very true Camino friend! When i think of the famous ‘healthy Mediterranean diet’ I think mostly of olives and olive oil. I have an olive tree in my front yard but unfortunately it doesn’t get enough sun there to give me plentiful olives (not as yet!) :)

    Paul on

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