Books and Books and Books Another Happy Week No 50

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I love reading!!! The books I read and find lead to more books to read and find! Such a beautiful life!!! #thankyousomuch @hudsonarealibrary

Recently I read IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN and learned about so many new designers and artists! One book I found is called THE NEW BOHEMIANS. Such an amazing book featuring more amazing artists and designers. Such a beautiful happening! #thankyousomuch @designsponge

While searching for related topics to the books I'm reading or have recently read, I also find books that look worthwhile from multiple enthusiastic reviews and/or interesting covers and titles! One example this week is URBAN JUNGLE! WOW! What a book! Beautiful, visually stunning, inspiring photos, words, ideas and suggestions! #thankyousomuch @urbanjunglebloggers 

The online library system also recommends books that contain subjects similar to the titles listed. I found MAYA LIN ARTIST-ARCHITECT OF LIGHT AND LINES. What an amazing book! Inspiring and informative! I'm so grateful to now know about Maya Lin! #thankyousomuch @ jeannewalkerharvey and @dowphumiruk 

I also found SHAKING THINGS UP 14 YOUNG WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD (one of the women is Maya Lin!). Another inspiring book teaching about explorers, scientists, astronauts, authors, advocates all daring to follow their visions and achieving monumental moments in the planet's history and evolution! 

I also read STYLING THE STARS and continued to discover so many historical happenings!

Reading about history leads to even more historical enrichment through Pinterest! All these boards from books: This, this, this, this and this from recent readings!

Such fun reading and learning during Another Happy Week! So grateful!!!


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