Bone Broth Recipe

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During the siege of Paris, when vegetables and meat were scarce, a doctor named Guerard put his patients on gelatin bouillon with some added fat and they survived in good health. - Kristen Michaelis

1. Find the most impeccable nutrient-dense, grassfed bones possible: knuckle, soup, marrow, ligaments, tendons for bison/beef/lamb and frames & feet for poultry.

2. Slow roast bison/beef/lamb bones at 225 degrees F for several hours (5-8) in a clay soup pot and enjoy a meal; save the carcass from poultry meals.

3. Add filtered water to the bones and add an organic lemon (whole lemon for bison/beef/lamb & half of a lemon for poultry).

4. Let the bones sit in the lemon water for an hour for bison/beef/lamb and half an hour for poultry.

5. Cook on medium low or whatever low temperature needed to create a “glug, glug, glug” movement of the water.

6. Cook several hours or up to 3 days. Add water as necessary.

7. Strain the broth through organic cheese cloth into glass jars for storage; freeze extra jars for later use

8. Drink daily for supreme health and/or add to recipes.

Bon appetit!

P.S. A favorite tip & trick is to purchase a large box or two of California organic lemons during lemon season (approx. Jan Feb Mar) and freeze the lemons whole (place them right in the freezer no need to do anything to them!). We purchase enough to last a year until the next lemon season! 

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