Been Eating Steak Almost Every Summer Day! Another Happy Week No. 19

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been eating steak nearly every day this summer! DEE-LISH-US!!!

I buy beef from local farmers ( who are doing their best to repair soil and protect their land from neighboring pesticide sprayers! I eat the beautiful and delicious  steaks (rib steak may be my favorite! and sirloin tip steak for steak tartar!!! steak, steak, steak!!! HEAVEN!).

I order 1/2" thickness from the butcher and then marinate every steak with Himalayan sea salt and olive oil sometimes marinating an hour and sometimes marinating refrigerated a few days! I always bring the steaks to room temperature and then cook on the stovetop in a medium hot pan with omega-3 pork lard! I cook each side for a few minutes then remove from pan and cover in cooking juices! I prepare and cook 3 steaks at a time. Each day later, I reheat steaks in a 150 degree oven and they get more delicious each time!

Eating-steak-almost-every-summer-day! Another Happy Week!


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