Bison Brisket Bones Bliss! Another Happy Week No 35

Bison Brisket Bones Bliss! Another Happy Week No 35

I have been in (Northstar) bison brisket bone bliss!!! A few months ago I called Mary Graese, angel and owner of Northstar Bison, asking if it was possible to custom cut bison brisket bones. She said YES! and I have been in bison brisket bone bliss ever since!

I texted her the picture with the bones and measuring tape and her company produced them perfectly! I will be adding this new invention to my annual order and will most likely have to reorder before then! I can't stop eating them! DELICIOUS HEAVEN!!!

The "recipe" is really not a recipe. I add the frozen bones to my clay pot; sprinkle with sea salt; add parchment paper to the extra space; use parchment paper to seal the lid; cook 225 degrees overnight; wallah! delicious heaven! I eat the fatty meat off of the bone dipping it into the cooking juices. I save every morsel of cooking juices and add leafy greens to it for "braised greens" (150 degrees overnight). So simple! So delicious!

Such another happy Another Happy Week!!!!

P.S. The bones from the bison brisket bones make the best broth! I save them in the freezer and load the soup pot! So easy! So heavenly!

iLOVE @NorthstarBison @ancientcookware #thankyou! #sograteful #iloveyou!

P.P.S. I highly recommend joining the mailing list with Northstar Bison! This is an excerpt from their December 26th mailing:

Modern Ag has sunk to a new low over the past decade, producing food
that when analyzed can barely be regarded as such. 

In fact, a recent study was done on an orange and it contained 0% vitamin C. I repeat, zero percent. How does that happen? Through genetic modification to produce a
faster growing/maturing fruit without regard for nutrient density. You see, an orange’s value in the marketplace is not based upon its nutritional value. Not all oranges are equal.

The orange is the example in this case but this issue is widespread and
epidemic in all sectors of agriculture. Money is on the line so companies
are willing to cheat, lie and steal in order to hold market share through
keeping consumers distracted and uninformed.

Monoculture, chemicals and confinement is the sum of our modern food production system. EPIC has been tenacious about swimming upstream, fighting for truth and honesty. For their supply chain, they’ve sought old-fashioned, ‘front-lines’ agriculture families still producing food the way our ancestors did. The patient way."

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