Beloved (Biodegradable & Beautiful) Belongings!!! Another Happy Week No 68

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Behzad and I have been thinking so much about belongings! Choosing to live without the burden of unnecessary belongings has brought so much HAPPINESS!!!

I've been working towards this for several years now and have been purchasing only consumables for food, clothing, and shelter. Behzad now is supreme-ruler of all things belongingness! He might only own a 10-item wardrobe for the entire year of seasons!!! MIRACLE!

He also has been enjoying the benefits of finding biodegradable, toxin-free, natural belongings! Everything is softer, more durable, smells delicious and radiates beauty in its natural colors! Hello! Happiness: oh my!  i'm inLOVE! hello! handsome!!! iLOVE @industryofallnations!!!!

We went to see the movie-version of favorite Kevin Kwan books!!! So fun! #rainysummerdayfun!!! 

So grateful for the another Another Happy Week!!!!

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