Being The Change! Another Happy Week No 139

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

It is so difficult to articulate the happiness & joy that happens when living the healthiest possible life! My Happy Life for Sale happened because of the surprising effect of happiness as I became healthier & healthier! As I continue to protect my valuable nutrition (it is so hard to find nutrient-dense food, so I am very protective of the nutrients!) by changing all basic needs to toxin-free, safe, natural & nourishing choices, I also am realizing that all of my choices are connected to others! Our collective health depends on healthy soil, air, water, plants & animals (free from toxins including the toxins of plastic pollution). I have accidentally become a human who is Being The Change! Toxin-free living is also plastic-free living, and I believe almost all of my choices for living does not harm others!!!! WHAT A FEELING!!!! #MIRACLE

Being The Change Makes for Another Happy Week! #thankyousomuch #hello!happiness

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