Beautiful Borage Flower Water! Another Happy Week No. 9

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Beautiful borage flower water!!! What a thrill!!!! I've also been filling a small glass jar with the flowers, adding water, and then freezing for later! So excited!

iLOVE Dogs Naturally Magazine!!! I stumbled upon some raw dog food videos by Dana Scott and am a #SuperFan ever since! I subscribe to the magazine and purchased access to the back-issue magazine library. I also frequently visit their blog. Wow! What a resource!!!

Basically for feeding the dogs (Aphrodite & Rumi), I follow Scott's advice of "Frankenprey." I try to recreate a whole animal to feed during the week! "Frankenprey" here usually looks like beef/lamb/pork muscle meat (body), bison/beef/lamb/elk liver (organs), chicken wings/feet/thighs/beef ribs (raw meaty bones) (legs) (wings), chicken heads/dried anchovies  (head), homemade egg shell powder (to balance calcium), beef brains when I can find them, fur & feathers IF I could find them! I also feed raw salmon, canned mackerel or canned sardines (both packed in olive oil) once a week.

iLOVE Aphrodite & Rumi!!!!! #SoLucky #SuchANOTHERHAPPYWEEK!!!!!!!


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