Shredded GrassFed Beef Brisket Crispy Shoestrings HEAVEN!!! Another Happy Week No 92

I've been in crispy shoestring HEAVEN!!!! I was reading this awesome book and the author shared a recipe for fried beef. I hadn't ever thought of that idea, so I started trying it! WHAT A MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY!!! I LOVE beef brisket but much of the stringy part of the meat is too dry for my taste. I decided to use the dry, stringy parts to fry in several different fats (coconut oil, beef fat, bison tallow) and WALLAH(!) the magic MIRACLE was created! Each stringy piece is covered in crispy fried deliciousness! #sograteful! #sodelicious! #beautifulrealfood 

I've also been in reading HEAVEN with this and disappointed to finish! #thankyousomuch! #superfan! #loveyousomuch! #highlyrecommend! #audiobook

Another Heavenly Happy Week!!! #sograteful! #YAY!

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