Stoneware Treasure Hunt! Another Happy Week No 83

Stoneware Treasure Hunt! Another Happy Week No 83

Recently we broke a stoneware pie plate recommended in this well-worn resource cookbook! I tried to replace the pie plate and found out the company no longer sells them! Oh no! As with many other toxin-free products, it can be EXTREMELY difficult to find necessary items. After several weeks and contacting several companies I found many gems! This, this, this, this, this, this and finally a replacement pie plate! #sograteful!

I've been SO enjoying the stoneware baking pans to roast brussels sprouts! Sprouts + oil + salt + heat then finishing oil + finishing salt! Hello! Happiness #sograteful

Loved reading this and this! Still reading this! Hello! Happiness #sograteful

So many treasures in Another treasure-filled Another Happy Week!

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