Favorite Fall Favorites!!! Another Happy Week No 78

Favorite Fall Favorites!!! Another Happy Week No 78

Ribs and boots and sweaters oh my!!! Life has been filled with favorites! Favorite toxin-free boots worn with favorite skirt worn with favorite sweater walking through favorite scenery eating favorite grassfed beef ribs!!!!!! #ahhh #thisisthelife #toxinfreeliving #plantdyed  

Oh and reading and listening and reading and listening!!!! #lovelovelove

Super excited about finding pure stainless steel forks and natural stoneware for true toxin-free living! Took some research and speaking directly with companies but so happy to find natural products still being made!!! #thankyousomuch #sograteful

So happy, so loving, so enjoying all the beauty of fall!!!! #perfecttemperatures #beautifullight #prettyprettycolors #thankyousomuch!

Favorite Fall Happiness for Another Happy Week!!! #lovelovelove

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