Happy Birthday Behzad!!! Another Happy Week No 75

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

We've been celebrating Behzad's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEHZAD!!! Keto Lime Pie and natural rubber boots and wood headphones and organic sweats!!! #so fun! 

While searching for recipes for Behzad's birthday, I was reunited with this gem and now want to make ALL the recipes! I think it might be one of my favorite cooking resources! As well as this rich resource I'm always using for its cooking and nutrition expertise! #thankyousomuch @AglaeeJacob @SallyFallon

We also watched the movie that inspired me to learn to cook! MIRACLE!!! #sofun! I remember reading SO MANY books about cooking and food! The staff at the library used to tease me that they wanted to come to my house for Thanksgiving!!! The books that stand out to be the most influential: Think Like a Chef, The Flavor Bible, Tender Grassfed Meat, and Nourishing Traditions

Another Happiest & Fun Happy Week!!!! #thankyousomuch




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