Dog Food! Human Food! Brain Food! Another Happy Week No 56

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After first learning about raw dog food feeding, I remember feeling so apprehensive about feeding Aphrodite raw meaty bones [RMB]! I had always "heard" NOT to feed bones and especially not chicken bones. When I started learning about real food for humans and then finding real food from plants and animals eating real diets, it made sense about dog diets. I still wasn't sure...

I continued researching and after watching dog owners feeding their dogs RMB on YouTube I decided I could too! Thank goodness I tried it! Aphrodite (and now Rumi) became the healthiest, happiest dogs! Hello! Happiness #thankyousomuch @youtube 

More life-changing learning came from The Paleo Mom, Dr Sarah Ballantyne, and her book! So grateful for her lists of foods (crickets, lists and lists of leafy greens, ad infinitum!) and her recommendations for Autoimmune-Disease-Foods-to-Avoid. The book is an encyclopedia of Real Food information! I tore out several relevant pages to add to Nourishing Traditions (kitchen bible!). 

My beloved scissors that I use 10-20 times a day in the kitchen (for everything!) and 1 of 3 main kitchen tools I use (2 knives and the scissors!) recently broke! I couldn't get a replacement fast enough!!! (And a backup!) So happy to be "back in business" in the kitchen:) #thankyousomuch @amazon

I finished the BEST book about Gee's Bend and hope to visit there when Behzad and I travel to Alabama to see the lynching museum

I finished (and LOVED!) this audiobook and now am LOVING this audiobook!!! #thankyousomuch @roblowe

Loving Another Happy Week(s)!!! #thankyousomuch

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