Steak and Gardens and Farmers Oh My! Another Happy Week No 55

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I am inLOVE with Beef Tenderloin Steaks and Fresh Microgreens! I've been saving these steaks for the past year not wanting to be without them but now that new steaks will be arriving soon I can enjoy them! I have been eating this bursting deliciousness for the past week and a half!!! Such an easy meal: marinate tenderloins in the best olive oil and the best sea salt; wait; pan fry in rendered bison fat and coconut oil; remove from pan and cover with pan juices; add fresh microgreens and fleur de sel finishing salt; H E A V E N! #sohappy!!!

I've been communicating with beloved local farmers about annual food orders! I spoke to Lonnie at ValleyGraze Farms and ordered 1 whole beef and 1-5 lambs!!! So excited! So grateful!!!

My mom and I will also be purchasing a whole beef from Dave at 3D Farm in June! It is so fun to pick it up together from the butcher and then divide all of the cuts evenly between us! A favorite event of the year!

I've been emailing Desiree at Nelson Grass Farm about chicken for Rumi! He LOVES their chicken wings (magical petite size seemingly made for him!) and their gizzards! This is my prediction for the annual order! I am almost certain it will be a little more than necessary! (Just in case!)

Behzad and I plan to order another whole beef from a new farmer I met at the Weston Price Foundation Annual Conference in Minneapolis last fall! The farm speaks a lot about soil health!

During late fall I will also drive to Northstar Bison to pick up an annual order of bison heart (for the humans and the dogs), bison liver (for the humans and the dogs), bison bones and bison marrow bones (for broth), raw green tripe (for the dogs). Northstar Bison has impeccable soil and animals. The product is expensive but I imagine the impeccability provides the most nutrient dense food. This is also where I can purchase raw green tripe for the dogs!!! So grateful!

While planning the dog menu for the year, I remembered the importance of fasting 1-2 times each week! I ordered dog food for the year based on fasting Rumi 1-2 days each week.

I also expanded the backyard garden for this year! I added two new long raised beds and two new smaller square raised beds! So excited to plant!!!

I purchased this to keep the garden soil ALIVE! and started using this in the kitchen for composting!

I've been inLOVE with this audiobook! I am addicted! iLOVE it so much!!! #thankyousomuch @andersoncooper and @gloriavanderbilt

Whew!!! Always Happy Another Happy Week(s)!!! #sograteful!!!! 

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