Always an Adventure! Another Happy Week No. 31

Always an Adventure! Another Happy Week No. 31

Amazing how my happy simple life always feels like an adventure!!! 

I've been experimenting with making salmon jerky with the six whole salmon I purchased for the year. I've thought so much about Alaska and the traditions of drying salmon!

The first two fish I tried took some time and the smell of fish is still in the apartment! I just finished drying the salmon jerky for myself and the leftover scraps for the dogs. I am really pleased with the result so far but next time I don't think I will marinate in lemon juice...too sweet for me! THE DOGS ARE IN SALMON-SKIN-SCRAPS-DOG-TREATS-HEAVEN!!!!! 

I've been thinking all week about how grateful I am for my toxin-free, ten-item-wardrobe clothes and shoes!!! iLOVE them so much and they have been keeping me so warm in the winter cold weather! This is my favorite and only jacket (mine is dark blue indigo denim) and I've been wearing it during Spring, Fall and Winter (eight or nine months of each year!) for at least four years!!! I've also been wearing these favorite toxin-free sheepskin boots for at least three years and they are still working this year!!! And my favorite warm outfit: this sweater and these pants in pewter natural plant dye and fleece hemp/organic cotton!

Such a happy, fun adventure!! Staying Alive! Food, clothing, shelter!

Another Adventurous Happy Week! iLOVE @industryofallnations @gaiaconception 

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