Secret-Ingredient Summer Salmon Salad! Another Happy Week No. 11

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I don't have many belongings but iLOVE the belongings I do have! I recently discovered this beautiful fire extinguisher! I have always had a dusty, regular extinguisher hidden in the corner of my apartment but always wondered if it works and how do I work it if I need it!? With my 10-gallon-a-year-natural-healthy-fat-traditional-diet, I often have grease splattering everywhere!!! I must admit there have been flames...more than once!

This beautiful addition to my kitchen is now front-and-center and a part of my decor! Purposeful, close-to-the-action and stunning in appearance to see!!! iLOVE!

I just received an email newsletter from the company I purchase whole salmon saying they are catching and now selling their salmon! Usually I buy in October for the year but may order sooner now that I know!

I eat salmon once a week and have been loving this made-up "secret-ingredient summer salmon salad": shredded salmon + fresh herbs (sage, dill, lemon mint, hyssop, marjoram, oregano) + preserved lemons +olive oil + sea salt!!!!

And another Another Happy Week!!!

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