Happy Fat Supplies for Happy Survival! Another Happy Week No 97

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So happy to discover this new product!!! And this too! Even though it is the end of winter, Behzad and I decided to invest for next year (and hopefully beyond!) while the prices are so generously discounted! #thankyousomuch @cottonique

We've been purchasing some extra meat and oil from farmers to keep a "safe" supply of natural fat. Having an autoimmune disease, I have found I feel much better not eating eggs, dairy, coconut, nuts and avocado! I used to rely heavily on eggs and raw dairy for much of my nutrition and fat. Now I have to be more inventive to find natural fat! #thankyousomuch  @FarmonWheels: lamb stir fry (cut from lamb belly); @WhetstoneFarm: lamb ribs and lamb belly; @WildRunSalmon: salmon belly bacon; @VDLGrassFed: beef fat, beef ribs, beef brisket, beef marrow bones; @NorthstarBison: bison ribs, bison marrow, bison marrow bones, bison fat, lamb fat, bison caul fat; @BarianiOliveOil: olive oil; @TropicalTraditions: coconut oil. #aip #dairyfree

Such JOY reading this new favorite book!!! #greatreads

Another FatFinding Happiness Happy Week! #sograteful



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