Beauty and Boots and Beautiful Boots! Another Happy Week No 96

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

So lucky to live in the St Croix Valley Area!!! So beautiful! All the time! #naturalbeauty #naturalwonder #outdoors #naturelove #winterwonderland

Hiking the St Croix River ice road (and even the home and work sidewalks) would be IMPOSSIBLE this winter without our natural rubber boots from Le Chameau (mom, Behzad, me!)! With the unending snow this winter I wear them everyday, and EVERYDAY they are warm and dry (for many years now)! #MIRACLE!!! #toxinfreeliving

I also finished knitting an awesome scarf using the most beautiful plant-dyed natural wool yarn (here, here and here). I had previously made one using brown and white colors and still wear it almost all the time during the winter. This year I made another one because I fell in love with the natural pink colors and I knew that the scarf design would be easy, fast, and super cute! #SUCCESS!!! #sograteful

I also finished reading this. Haunting historical fiction I couldn't put down. #thankyousomuch @ariellawhon #loveyou!

Hiking, reading, working, eating, sleeping for Another Happy (Beautiful) Week!


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