Amazing & Astonishing AMAZONazing!!! Another Happy Week No 77

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

I've been hanging onto my favorite kitchen knife even with a large chip in the blade! I purchased it from a man and his son near the Tokyo Fish Market! It was irreplaceable and so I suffered through its injured limitations! Finally Behzad said it was time...

To my astonishing surprise, I typed in the name and number printed on the blade and AMAZON delivered it several weeks later! From JAPAN! Identical to the other!!! AMAZING AMAZON! #amazonazing!!!

I've been LOVING this and this! So inspiring!!!

SO HAPPY wearing my FAVORITE boots of all time EVERY DAY!!! #fall #soinLOVE #organic #toxinfreeliving #plantdyed #thankyousomuch

Another, another and another Another Happy Week! #sograteful!


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