Aloha! Happiness Another Happy Week No 51

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So many Hawaiian happinesses this week! Aloha! Happiness!

So lucky to accompany my mom and sister to Kauai, Hawaii this past week! WOW! I fell inLOVE with the island! Dramatically beautiful, friendly, LOVELY!!! Filled with pristine beauty and nature! Aloha! Happiness

The first day we took an hour-long tour of the island by small plane. Napali, the dramatic north coast, and some other wilderness of the inner island are impossible to reach so the aerial view was necessary (and well-worth the time, money and motion sickness!). We learned about essential "must-sees" and learned quickly about the island. Brilliant beginning! 

Because of the helpful information of the plane tour, we learned about this hike for day 2; we saw beautiful coastal, cliff views and wildlife! We also toured the Napali Coast by raft and then hiked the Koke'e State Park and Waimea Canyon on day 3!

Other days included hiking some of the Sleeping Giant trail and visiting Princeville and Hanalei; a kayak tour; my sister and mom played golf; I shopped local farmer's markets, the Kauai Museum, and natural food stores

So excited to find, learn about and E N J O Y the local foods!!! Some of my favorites included kaffir lime leaves, local cucumbers, coconut, coconut water, local arugula, local limes, local oregano, local Thai basil, freshly-caught local ahi steaks (thinly sliced for sashimi!!!), and local microgreens!

So excited by the wild chickens outnumbering people 70 to 1 and the wild pigs outnumbering people 40 to 1. The wild pigs are enjoyed by the local hunters! The pigs residing on the lower grounds eating guavas and other fruit taste the most delicious and clean! If only.... 

So grateful for packing this, this, this and this to be able to prepare and eat impeccably pure and delicious local foods while traveling! 

Happiness travels! Aloha! Another Happy Week!!!


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