S U M M E R! Another Happy Week No. 10

iLOVE S U M M E R ! ! ! Reading on the porch in the hammock chair; playing outside with the dogs; "shopping" for fresh herbs in the backyard! Repeat, repeat, repeat! Ahhhhhh.....HEAVEN!

I did have to force myself inside to make more chicken liver pâté (reordered and received this & this!); it will be well worth it!!! Chicken liver pâté is the most delicious (& maybe most nutritious?!) in the summer! Freezes beautifully; no daily cooking; sometimes I even eat it like ice cream (partially still frozen)!!! Ahhhhhh.....HEAVEN!

The herb garden multiplies minutely!!!! I started searching the Internet for herb fermentation recipes and continually read about an "airlock." I've been fermenting the past 5 or 6 years using the "natural"/easy methods of Sandor Katz and Sally Fallon. Intrigued, I've been reading many sources! Having an airlock produces more traditionally-made (& nutritionally-made!) ferments! Increasing nutrition (i.e. health & happiness!) always motivates me!!!

I recently made the 3-Ingredient Flea & Tick Powder Recipe and have been sprinkling it everywhere ever since!!!! (dogs' coats, bedding, outside playpens)

Yes, yes, Y E S! Another Happy Week!!!!

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