Adequate Preparation In Life & On The Camino de Santiago

Posted by Laura Paulisich on

Adequate preparation on the Camino and in life requires me to be well rested by almost always sleeping 9-10 hours every night, keeping properly fueled by eating nutrient-dense real food and maintaining equanimity throughout life by consciously choosing enriching material to enter my mind (nature, art, literature, fashion, architecture, music). If I am well rested and properly fueled every day, it seems effortless to live in the moment being cheerful, polite, friendly, respectful, responsible, loving, happy, joyous, free, grateful, focused and ready to serve the world as best as possible! By choosing a path that is chemical free and impeccably healthy, I also am available to “input” all the truth, beauty and joy the world has to offer.

In life and on the Camino, I am continually amazed by the unending beauty of nature and its inhabitants. I fall deeply in love each and every day with all the world’s creatures and all the world’s manifestations. I am so grateful for finding a path of real sleep, real nutrition, real joy. As I walked the Camino, I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for every sign, arrow, fountain, trash receptacle, bed, wide path, rest area, blanket and person.

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